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the future of sales

Better Process.
Experienced Team.
More Revenue.

We hire, coach & empower Sales Development Reps so they can execute sales activities to create more qualified revenue opportunities while simultaneously reducing your HR burden and lowering customer acquisition cost.

the future of sales

Better Process.
Experienced Team.
More Revenue.

We accelerate revenue pipelines by providing the strategy, data, technology, and team to book more qualified opportunities. Our expertise in outbound sales leads to sustainable growth while simultaneously reducing your HR burden and lowering customer acquisition cost.

Companies driving revenue
with Leadium.

500+ sales leaders, marketers, and founders across industries trust us to drive revenue.

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purpose driven

We are the leader in SQL appointment
setting and revenue growth.

By refusing to become an outsourced factory, we take a consultative approach that puts our client’s interests above our own. We invest in the best people, technology, and processes so that our clients can focus on growth. We know that in sales everybody wants quick wins (and there are some!), but long-term, sustainable revenue success should always be the foundation.

Lead GENERATION services

How Leadium Delivers Revenue.

We provide a complete revenue advantage by providing qualified sales appointments, increasing sales demand, and becoming your strategic outbound partner.

Outbound appointment setting

Full-service appointment setting campaigns focused on engaging your next best customer strategically through email, phone, LinkedIn, SMS & gifting. We are in business to grow your business by setting qualified sales meetings that convert. And, we do it well!

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Inbound Appointment Setting

Speed to lead in under 5 minutes. We convert more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into sales qualified leads (SQLs) by becoming your on demand inbound sales team. By handling inbound inquiries, enriching their data, pre-qualifying their buying intent, nurturing them into opportunities, and ultimately booking appointments -- Leadium is a complete inbound sales solution.

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Channel-Optimized Lead Research

Power your sales and marketing teams with 100% human-sourced and validated contact data. Our research team utilizes software, public/private data sources, and the open web to curate lead lists that databases just don't have. We then channel-optimize each contact to let you know whether your leads are more likely to respond on email, phone, or social.

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Omni-Channel Sales Strategy

Establishing a consistent top-of-funnel revenue pipeline is wholly dependent on the strategy you execute, test, and optimize. When reaching potential customers through the most effective channels at the most opportune time you increase reach, have greater flexibility, improve efficiency, and provide a more personalized engagement.

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Top-of-Funnel Consultation

Accelerate your revenue pipeline by optimizing the sales development activities you currently execute. Our experienced sales consultants work closely with your sales team to understand your target audience, develop a customized prospecting strategy, coach internal SDRs, write engaging sequences, implements the right sales technology, and establish proper analytic review schedules.

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Deliverability & Technology Implementations

Utilizing the right sales technology in the right capacity maximizes your revenue pipeline. We strategically analyze the software licenses you have, determine what you should have, setup back end implementations, and manage cross-platform integrations. In addition to establishing the proper tech stack, we assist with ensuring your campaign emails are delivered to the inbox every time and outbound phone calls never register as spam.

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A done-for-you sales team.

Hiring an internal sales development team is expensive and risky. We minimize your risk and maximize your revenue by providing an expert founder-led sales team focused on outbound strategy, data, content, technology, and prospecting.

reduction in weighted cost
vs. building in-house
increase in conversations
using channel-optimized lead data
More likely to see a clear roi
within the first 90 days of service

We believe
in the power of human connection

Channel-optimized prospecting will become even more pivotal to growing an organization's revenue. Through targeted data research and assumptive persona modeling you can equip frontline Sales Development Reps with a modern sales strategy built around managing the accessibilities in data, developments in sales technologies, and push for automation. The human interaction in sales is the future of sales.

Kevin Warner,
CEO, Leadium Inc.
our secret sauce

What makes
Leadium unique.

Leadium provides an experienced sales infrastructure focused on sourcing, training, managing, and retaining a talented workforce of Sales Development Reps for growth focused companies.

People Focused

Any investment in creating a revenue pipeline has to start with the people driving your daily sales activities.

Meet Your team
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Technology Driven

We empower our sales teams with an enterprise technology suite to scale prospecting activity, measure its effectiveness, and optimize future engagements.

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Process Oriented

Top-of-funnel sales isn't about setting more appointments, it’s about creating better opportunities. We provide well-defined processes that align your revenue goals to our prospecting activities.

an experienced team

Meet the frontline SDRs driving
revenue at Leadium.

Nate Begle
Sales Development Representative
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