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appointment setting

Build a pipeline that drives real revenue.

We create unique outbound sales strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and book appointments directly to your calendar.

appointment setting

Build a pipeline that drives real revenue.

We create unique outbound sales strategies, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, handle responses, and book appointments directly to your calendar.

#1 Outbound Agency

No Commissions.

Measurable. Scalable. Affordable. We deliver full-service appointment setting programs, strategically focused on engaging prospects at each stage of the sales funnel. As the Founders of Outsourced Sales, we fundamentally believe in driving tangible revenue results.

Experienced campaign strategy
Multi-channel engagement
Enterprise-grade technology
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A done-for-you sales team.

Hiring an internal sales development team is expensive and risky. We minimize your risk and maximize your revenue by providing an expert founder-led sales team focused on outbound strategy, data, content, technology, and prospecting.

reduction in weighted cost
vs. building in-house
increase in conversations
using channel-optimized lead data
More likely to see a clear roi
within the first 90 days of service

Channel optimized appointment
setting campaigns.

Leadium provides an experienced sales infrastructure focused on strategizing, creating, executing, and improving world-class sales development programs that deliver high-quality sales appointments.


We work behind the scenes as revenue
partners growing your favorite brands.

More outbound leads
Deal value increase
Increase in site traffic
ROI vs internal team
Increase in prospects

How we engage prospects to set more
top line revenue opportunities.

We set more appointments and drive more revenue by reaching more people, at the right time with their preferred engagement channel.


Email is the most effective channel to accelerate your sales pipeline. Leadium tailors each email to your segmented target audience, manages a robust email deliverability system, and analyzes multiple layers of engagement analytics - all to drive industry-leading conversion rates.

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Cold Calling

The quickest way to engage your target customers. Our sales development reps are hired and trained purposely to become experienced cold-callers. Utilizing call optimized phone data we achieve significant conversation metrics and average a 15% connect rate. Effective cold-calling stands to enhance every outbound email campaign.

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LinkedIn Social Selling

We integrate LinkedIn into prospecting campaigns in order to grow revenue pipelines by growing your relationships. By being proactive and organically connecting with decision makers at your target accounts, you'll be in a position to building relationships that convert into opportunities at the right time.

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SMS, Video, GIF & Direct Mail

Book more meetings with less outbound activity. Using cross-platform engagements and integrating a gifting strategy increases conversations and conversions. We strategize unique campaigns for each client using technology provided by our partners (Loom, Voice, Vidu, Sendoso, Postal, and more).

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our funnels convert

We are strategic, calculated & measured.

Our appointment setting campaigns are uniquely designed to be highly-personalized to each prospect. This approach enables our team to optimize open, response, call connect, call show, and close rates — enabling you to scale revenue quickly.

Users Engagement
Emails Delivered
listen in

We make quality cold calls to prospects
who pick up so you don’t have to.

Alexandra Franco
Sales Development Lead
Nahalia Munda
Sales Development Rep
Sean Barwood-Parent
Sales Development Rep
Nate Begle
Sales Development Rep
Taylor Young
Inbound Sales Rep
Cierra Sanzone
Sales Development Rep
experienced analysis

Comprehensive outbound analytics with
channel-specific campaign insights.

Activity metrics serve as vanity numbers when used to determine the value of outbound sales. To truly measure the impact outbound has on bottomline revenue and to accurately determine return-on-investment, you need to evaluate each stage of the prospecting funnel.

Real-Time Analytics Monitoring
Continuous campaign optimizations by tracking segmented activity metrics across active sequences, email conversations, call connects, task completions, and more.
Actionable Engagement Insights
Improve conversations by looking beyond open rates, click rates, and connect rates. We analyze micro-interaction in each campaign segment to enhance prospecting.
Custom Performance Reporting
No agency smoke-and-mirrors. Integrate prospecting campaigns directly into your CRM to monitor real-time activity, conversations, opportunities, and revenue attribution.
Leadium is now our preferred lead vendor. We have been able to reach 4x more leads per quarter than before. They have the people, experience, and tools to get the job done.
Software Development
Leadium has identified key Industrial focused leads providing us the momentum needed to build and grow our sales pipeline from the ground up - helping us secure our first round of funding as a new start-up.
Computer and Network Security
Leadium enabled us to build an effective outbound channel. The entire process makes it feel like we're just working with another member of our team in a remote location.
Human Resources Software
The Leadium team has done exactly what we need them to. By offloading time-consuming tasks, my sales team can focus on what's important to them, saving us time and resources.
Leadium is helping us overcome our biggest challenge and making sure that we have enough meetings for our rep base. We really couldn't be happier with the overall experience.
Software Development
Leadium’s tools, processes, and systems enable us to increase sales in a very organized method. They are a more productive way for us to generate leads then hiring a sales team.
Hospitals and Health Care
Leadium has allowed us to launch into a new market and analyze responsiveness to our product, while still focusing on hitting appointment quotas.
Wellness and Fitness Services
Investing in Leadium to develop our outbound has seen a significant growth to our pipeline. We are seeing an average deal size 3-4x larger than inbound leads.
Expense Management Software