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Top Podcast Episode Picks - June 2019

Our June picks for the top B2B podcast episodes that SMB, SME, and startup leaders should listen to for insights to help accelerate sales and growth - both in their businesses and professionally.
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Last month we shared all the juicy reasons why small business owners and entrepreneurs are throwing on their headphones to listen to podcasts these days. But as we mentioned, the streaming airwaves are an extremely crowded place and it’s hard to pinpoint the episodes that are worth taking time out of your busy day to listen to that will give you new ideas and inspiration for sales and growth at your SMB, SME, or startup. 

To be exact, there are over 700,000 podcast titles and 29 million episodes out in the world as April 2019 (
Podcast Insights). Which ones should you be listening to for thought leadership and learning?

Well, at Leadium we are all about enabling SMBs, startups, and entrepreneurs to accelerate their growth. Sure, we are the experts at outbound sales development, but we ultimately are always looking for ways to champion great growth resources that will complement a stellar outsourced lead generation program. 

Here is our June roundup of podcast episodes for SMB owners, startup executives, and B2B sales leaders to listen to as they navigate their paths to accelerated growth.

Growth Mindset University
Ep. 113: The Science of People with Vanessa Van Edwards

In sales, we can never lose sight of the fact that every single day we are simply interacting and communicating as human beings - our emotions, motivations, and personal experiences are driving forces behind both the way we sell and the way our prospects respond to the sell. 

That’s why we are always keen to listen to the latest on how to improve our interpersonal communication as it will only make how we do our job better. And that’s where Vanessa Van Edwards comes in. She is a behavioral investigator (coolest title ever, BTW) and the best-selling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People.

Growth Mindset University host, Jordan Paris, interviews Vanessa in this 35min episode about how she has developed a science-based framework for understanding different personalities to improve our EQ and help us communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Plus, she talks about gut bacteria and studies that link our personality traits to the microbiome and gut health. Interesting...we don’t think you’re going to find that info anywhere else on a podcast this month.

Sales Tuners
Ep. 127 - Building a Sincere Interest in Understanding with Jessica McQueen

Hosted by Jim Brown, Sales Tuners is a weekly podcast that showcases high-performing salespeople and sales leaders, and their techniques and behaviors that have led to their success in sales. He features a new guest every week and focuses on topics like deal negotiation, building your sales pipeline, sales enablement and much more.

In this 27 minute episode, he chats with an Account Executive from Springbuk, Jessica McQueen, about her curiosity and need to literally walk in the shoes of her prospects and become certified as a health benefits consultant, leading to her being able to understand the challenges that her prospects are trying to overcome and speak their language fluently in sales conversations. 

Listen to hear more about how curiosity helps to build relationships in sales and how becoming a true subject matter expert in your prospect’s field gives you the street cred needed to connect with them on an emotional level that moves the conversation forward.

The Top
Ep. 1420 - He Went Zero to $1m in ARR in 6 Months, Bootstrapped

For all of you out there who prefer a quick, punchy, numbers-driven no-fluff podcast that you can digest in less than 20 minutes, The Top hosted by Nathan Latka is for you. A daily show where leading entrepreneurs share how much they sold last month, how they are selling it, and what they are selling with a strong focus on SaaS products. 

The reason we chose this episode is two-fold: 1) CEO and Founder of Maximus, Joshua Keller, shares how his media buying agency, Union Square Media Group, built this platform and was quick to see the opportunity to turn it into a SaaS product. 2) Native advertising buying strategy can be a gigantic mountain to climb for many SMB and Startups. Why not share a podcast featuring a product that is trying to solve this problem. Remember, we’re all in this growth journey together...we’re here to share what we find. 

We love a good pivot story and inspiring leaders who have the foresight to create a waterfall of businesses and products off of their core expertise. 

The Outbound Sale Podcast
Ep. 4 - How Outreach.io Built a Million-Dollar Outbound Sales Program through Effort, Curiosity, and Automation

Of course, what would be a blog about podcasts on our own website without a nice end-plug for our very own: The Outbound Sale Podcast. Again, our blog, our rules. 

However, this episode has nothing to do with us - and that’s why we love it. Because it is all about our BFFs in sales automation, Outreach.io. Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach, shares his knowledge on how to build, grow, and structure outbound sales programs and teams from the ground up. He joined Outreach in 2014 as a commission-only sales rep with 3 customers to becoming VP of Sales and leading massive revenue and customer growth resulting in $65M in funding in just 4 short years. How’d he do it? Have a listen!

Do you know a podcast that should be on next month’s list? Make sure to shoot us a comment on one of our social channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) or email us at hello@leadium.io with your favorite episode!

The streaming airwaves are an extremely crowded place and it’s hard to pinpoint the episodes that are worth taking time out of your busy day to listen to that will give you new ideas and inspiration for sales and growth at your SMB, SME, or startup. 

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