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Top Podcast Episode Picks - May 2019

Our monthly roundup of leading B2B sales and business podcast episodes that provide unique insights, knowledge, and resources for busy SMB and startup executives on their path to accelerated growth.
Kevin Warner
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Man do we love a good podcast at Leadium. For business owners and busy executives, podcasts are the perfect brain-break away from your overflowing inbox, endless calls and meetings, and the latest personnel issues that seem to consume your day.

In a recent poll, Incfile.com asked their small business owner and entrepreneur followers what benefits listening to podcasts may have when it comes to their business. 63% of respondents said the biggest benefit was learning while multitasking, and 25% said it was a way to find new ideas.

For an average of 20 minutes (more or less depending on the show) you can slip on headphones or close the office door, grab your device of choice, hit play and continue on with the work at hand. Instead of listening to the same, now uninspiring, playlists you have come to depend on, your brain’s neurons are waking up to new and exciting information.

That is, if you are choosing the right ones to listen to. But how do you choose the “right” one?

Of the over 700,000 podcast titles and 29 million episodes out in the world as April 2019 (Podcast Insights), which ones should you be listening to for thought leadership and learning?

Well, at Leadium we are all about enabling SMBs, startups, and entrepreneurs accelerate growth. Sure, we are the experts at outbound sales development, but we ultimately are always looking for ways to champion great growth resources that will complement a stellar outsourced lead generation program.

So why not start there?

Here is our May roundup of podcast episodes for SMB owners, startup executives, and B2B sales leaders to listen to as they navigate their paths to accelerated growth.

B2B Growth Show
Ep. 976: How B2B Brands Can Adapt to B2C Trends w/ Carl Tsukahara

Want a quick podcast packed with valuable big-picture business topics? This show isn’t limited to sales discussions, but many of its episodes cover issues that should interest sales leadership. Examples include team-building, establishing referral programs, creating buyer personas, and more.

Our pick for the episode to listen to this month is, “How B2B Brands Can Adapt to B2C Trends with Carl Tsukahara of Optimizely.” We like this one a lot because it encourages us all to continue looking for ways to get out of our established B2B bubbles and realize that after all, the people we are selling to are ultimately just individual people used to a consumer buying experience.

Tsukahara talks about how the “digital experiences economy” and the B2C self-purchasing model has influenced the way B2B buyer's journey. He also asks listeners how to think about how they are optimizing an evidence-based process for all parts of the acquisition funnel to make sure they are getting their sales and marketing programs right. Are you creating an experimentation or testing culture throughout your growth team so that when you deploy an experience (a landing page, an outbound email, etc) you know that you are using the most winning experience for your buyer.

Smart Passive Income
SPI 371: SEO and Business Growth Today with Glen Allsop

Ok, ok - we realize most of you reading this blog are sales-minded folk and like to leave the “marketing stuff” to the marketers (i.e. SEO topics). But here’s the thing about running an SMB or startup B2B business: you have to have a hunger to at least learn about all the channels that are bringing customers to your website and ultimately to your funnel.

And that’s why we really like Pat Flynn’s super popular Smart Passive Income podcast. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to take their small or medium-sized business to the next level, particularly if you are looking for strategies, tips, and insights on how to grow a business to generate a passive income stream.

We like this episode because we have been doing a deep-dive into our own SEO strategy lately, and again thought, why not share the thoughts and ideas we are hearing with you? Pat has an in-depth conversation with Glen Allsop of gaps.com and detailed.com about SEO strategies and what really makes a difference for your page rankings.

Make It Happen Mondays
Ep. 99: Keenan - Gap Selling

Straight from the Apple Podcast bio, “John Barrows is a leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Okta. Each Week he gives you actionable sales tips to close more business and brings on industry leaders.”

This Monday’s guest is Keenan, author of Gap Selling. What is that? Gap selling is the space between your solution, and the customer and Keenan breaks down, “the tired old sales myths causing today's frustrating sales issues, to highlight a deceptively powerful new way to connect with buyers.”

Caution: as John writes on his LinkedIn page, if you don’t like cursing, this episode isn’t for you. 😄 There is a lot of Boston attitude that comes through...and we kinda like it.

We also normally like a lot of what John Barrows has to say, and we are always up for listening to new ideas on sales philosophies, so why not have a listen to this week’s Make It Happen Mondays.

Small Business Edge
Season 2 Episode 3: Accounting and Reporting for Jimmy John's Franchisees

We like featuring a smaller, niche podcast in our lineup because a) we like to give props to other in-house business podcasts putting out quality content and b) a lot of the subjects covered in business podcasts are applicable to our core customers as well. Just like this episode. A busy franchisee turned franchisor-servicing entrepreneur shares the steps to creating a great product or service by solving a problem, his advice on scaling in the franchisee market, and where and how to focus your energy in the early stages of building a business. We’re fudging a little by making this a “May” pick with the date on this one as it’s from late last year, but we set our own rules over here at The Outbound Sale Blog, and we wanted to include it. So there.

The Outbound Sale Podcast
Episode 6: How to Decide Whether You Need to Outsource or Hire an In-House Sales Development Team

Of course, what would be a blog about podcasts on our own website without a nice end-plug for our very own: The Outbound Sale Podcast. Again, our blog, our rules.

But in all seriousness, this episode is actually a repost from an interview that our CEO, Kevin Warner, did with The Sales Engagement Podcast about the factors a business must consider when deciding on whether to outsource or hire an in-house sales development team. Outsourcing your sales development isn’t necessarily a good fit for every organization. While it has the ability to save time and money for some, it simply doesn’t make sense for others. Kevin breaks down markets into three categories: Enterprises, Mid-market, and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

Do you know a podcast that should be on next month’s list?
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In a recent poll, Incfile.com asked their small business owner and entrepreneur followers what benefits listening to podcasts may have when it comes to their business. 63% of respondents said the biggest benefit was learning while multitasking, and 25% said it was a way to find new ideas.

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