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Outbound Sales
December 7, 2023

Building an Effective Sales Playbook: Key Insights and Tips


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • A typical playbook can be 50-60 pages long and should include relevant information for the sales team.
  • The right people to put the playbook together are the director of sales, sales manager, sales enablement manager, and marketing.
  • There are two versions of a playbook: one for outbound sales messaging and one for sales operations.
  • The playbook should not include in-depth marketing information or customer success details.
  • The effectiveness of a playbook can be measured by improved messaging, increased meeting bookings, stronger understanding of the target audience, and better relationships with account executives.
  • A good playbook should unify the team, improve time management, and reduce onboarding time.
  • The playbook should be built with input from various departments and should be customized to the company's needs.
  • It is recommended to outsource sections of the playbook to other departments to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • The guest, Tom Slocum, offers to help build custom playbooks and can be contacted through LinkedIn or
  • The playbook is a valuable tool for sales leaders to address common sales challenges and improve team performance.

Episode Recap

They discuss the different types of playbooks, including outbound sales and sales operation playbooks, and the key elements that should be included. Tom emphasizes the importance of involving the right people in building the playbook, such as the director of sales, sales manager, sales enablement manager, and marketing team. He also advises against including sections that are not relevant to the prospect or the sales process, such as in-depth marketing information or customer success details.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:26] Two versions of a playbook: outbound sales playbook and sales operation playbook.
  • [01:05] Involving the director of sales, sales manager, sales enablement manager, marketing, and the team in building the playbook.
  • [02:10] Timeframe for building a playbook (60 to 120 days) and the option to have it custom-built by an expert.|
  • [03:00] Prioritizing sections based on the team's needs and involving them in the process.
  • [04:03] Sections that shouldn't be included in the playbook, such as in-depth marketing stuff and company overview if not necessary.
  • [06:00] Measuring the effectiveness of a playbook through improved messaging, increased performance, unification of processes, and reduced onboarding time.
  • [11:09] Tip to involve others in building the playbook and customize it according to the team's needs

Guest Bio (Who is Tom?)

Tom Slocum is a 15-year sales veteran in the tech industry. He has worked in companies like DiscoverCard and Trainyo, where he currently holds the position of VP of sales. In addition to his successful career, Tom is also the founder of Community, a platform that connects sales professionals and fosters collaboration and growth. With his extensive experience and achievements in sales, Tom has established himself as a respected leader in the industry. He is known for his expertise in building and managing high-performing sales teams and his ability to drive revenue growth. Tom's ethos revolves around the importance of building strong relationships with customers and creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement within sales organizations. He believes in the power of collaboration and community to drive success in sales.

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