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Sales Leadership
September 12, 2023

Finding Your Path to Leadership in Sales


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • The importance of finding intrinsic motivation for leadership.
  • Andrea has a background in the restaurant business and ran her family's restaurants before transitioning into the card industry and merchant services.
  • She joined Get Beyond as a sales professional and worked her way up to VP of Sales, Ops, and Enablement.
  • Andrea believes that being a leader is about helping others find success and not just about money or titles.
  • To position yourself for a leadership role, Andrea suggests leading without the title, building genuine connections across the company, and voicing your interest in leadership.
  • One challenge Andrea faced as a first-time sales leader was realizing that not everyone sells the same way she does and understanding that different people have different motivations and strengths.
  • Andrea emphasizes that being a great seller doesn't always translate to being a good leader.
  • Andrea's transition into sales ops allowed her to focus on removing barriers and improving processes that hindered sales.
  • In her sales ops role, Andrea enjoys bridging the gap between sales and other departments, understanding both sides of the fence, and finding solutions that work for everyone.
  • Success in sales ops and enablement is measured through metrics such as attendance in training calls, feedback on process improvements, and the speed at which new hires ramp up.

Episode Recap

Andrea shares her journey from running her family's restaurants to joining Beyond and climbing the ladder to her current role. She discusses the qualities that make a good leader and offers advice for individuals looking to transition from being an individual contributor to a leadership role. Andrea emphasizes the importance of disconnecting the desire for money and title from the innate drive to be a leader. She also highlights the need to lead without a title, collaborate with others, and build genuine connections across the company. The episode explores the challenges of transitioning from leading a team to sales operations and the importance of understanding different perspectives and motivations. Andrea also discusses the difficulty of measuring success in a role focused on sales enablement and shares some metrics she uses to evaluate the impact of her work.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:19] Background and journey into Andrea's current role.
  • [02:01] Factors to consider when transitioning from individual contributor to leadership.
  • [04:09] Challenges faced as a first-time sales leader.
  • [06:05] Transition from leading a team to sales operations.
  • [09:30] Difficulties and unexpected aspects of the transition.
  • [12:00] Measuring success in a sales enablement role.
  • [14:00] Importance of sales enablement and support for sellers.
  • [15:56] Closing thoughts and contact information.

Guest Bio (Who is Andrea Morter?)

Andrea Morter is the VP of Sales, Ops and Enablement at Get Beyond. She has a successful career in sales, specifically in the card industry and merchant services. Starting as a sales professional, she has worked her way up to her current position. Andrea has experience in the restaurant business and has demonstrated her expertise in sales enablement.

Her leadership skills are evident in her role, requiring self-awareness and adaptability. She understands the importance of buy-in in the sales ops role and knows how to measure success in sales enablement. Andrea Morter's achievements and credentials establish her as a respected and accomplished professional in the sales industry.

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