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Founder Led Sales
September 19, 2023

Lessons from a Self-Taught Sales Guru


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • The guest is Bowen Moody, a sales guru and AI mastermind behind Wonder Way.
  • Wonder Way is an AI coach that provides instant feedback to sales reps after every call.
  • Bowen started his career in product management and transitioned into sales when he started his own company.
  • Wonder Way initially focused on building sales onboarding software but pivoted to a new product focused on continuous training and improving close rates.
  • Bowen emphasizes the importance of being flexible and willing to pivot based on market demand.
  • He learned the importance of founders being actively involved in sales and gathering feedback directly from customers.
  • Bowen highlights the challenge of prioritizing valuable sales content among the overwhelming amount of resources available.
  • He mentions the advantage of sales being an industry where experimentation and rapid iteration are possible.
  • Bowen discusses the tough decision of scrapping six months of work and starting over when a better technology became available.
  • He encourages listeners to reach out to him on LinkedIn for questions or support during tough times.

Episode Recap

Bowen Moody, the founder of Wonder Way, joins Collin on this episode of the Sales Transformation podcast. Bowen shares his experience of transitioning from product management to sales and starting his own company. As a self-taught salesperson, he discusses the challenges of finding valuable sales content amidst the overwhelming amount of information available. Bowen emphasizes the importance of being flexible and pivoting your product direction based on customer feedback. He also highlights the significance of founders actively selling and staying connected with customers to drive product-market fit. The key takeaways from this episode include the need for founders to be customer-facing, the value of experimentation in sales, and the importance of adapting to market changes.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:26] Bowen Moody mentions the challenges of scheduling the call due to the time difference.
  • [01:08] Moody shares his background and how he got into sales.
  • [03:37] The guest discusses the challenges of figuring out what sales content to prioritize.
  • [07:07] Bowen talks about the importance of being flexible and pivoting in a tough sales environment.
  • [10:27] Bowen Moody shares the learnings from shifting their product direction and the importance of founders selling themselves.
  • [14:11] Conclusion of the episode and contact information for Bowen Moody on LinkedIn.

Guest Bio (Who is Bowen Moody?)

Bowen Moody is the CEO and Co-founder of Wonderway, where he drives innovation at the intersection of technology and progress. With an early fascination for emerging technologies, Bowen has dedicated himself to pioneering solutions that redefine the future. Under his leadership, Wonderway has become a trailblazer in AI, robotics, and sustainable energy, setting new industry standards. Bowen's visionary approach and commitment to positive change propel Wonderway forward, making it a driving force in shaping the way we live and work in our rapidly evolving world.