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Outbound Sales
November 30, 2023

Mastering Deliverability: How to Get Your Emails in the Primary Inbox


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Leslie Venetz is a corporate sales trainer and go-to-market consultant.
  • Leslie has made over 100,000 cold calls and was a three-time head of sales.
  • Leslie is the founder of Sales Team Builder.
  • Deliverability and domain reputation are important topics in sales.
  • If you're experiencing deliverability issues, take a multi-channel approach.
  • Incorporate call touches in your sequence and leave voicemails that point to your email.
  • Optimize your voicemail to be concise and relevant.
  • Use LinkedIn as a third channel, but avoid being too salesy.
  • Focus on social selling and building a dialogue before transitioning to a sales conversation.
  • Marking messages as spam on LinkedIn can harm your reputation.

Episode Recap

The episode focuses on the topic of deliverability and domain reputation, which has become a hot topic in the sales industry. Leslie provides valuable insights for individual sellers who may be experiencing issues with their emails not reaching the primary inbox. She advises taking a multi-channel approach, incorporating call touches and leveraging voicemails to point prospects to relevant emails. Leslie also emphasizes the importance of mastering social selling on platforms like LinkedIn to avoid being seen as spammy and increase the chances of getting messages opened and replied to.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [03:39] How to determine if you have deliverability issues
  • [04:15] What individual sellers can do if they have deliverability issues
  • [05:45] Leslie suggests taking a multi-channel approach
  • [07:07] Incorporating call touches and voicemails into your sequence
  • [09:28] Tips for leaving effective voicemails that point to your email
  • [11:35] Importance of cold calling and creating an emotional connection
  • [13:16] Tips for writing attention-grabbing email and voicemail openings
  • [15:39] Importance of diversifying your channel approach
  • [16:42] How to approach LinkedIn as a third channel
  • [20:23] Avoiding low-value, spammy messages on LinkedIn
  • [21:54] The consequences of being marked as spam on LinkedIn

Guest Bio (Who is Leslie Venetz?)

Leslie Venetz is a corporate sales trainer, a sales go-to-market consultant, and the founder of Sales Team Builder. With over 100,000 cold calls under her belt, she has honed her skills and expertise in the field of sales. Leslie has also held the prestigious position of head of sales three times, showcasing her ability to lead and drive results. Her extensive experience and success in the sales industry have made her a sought-after expert in the field. Leslie's ethos revolves around the importance of effective sales strategies, continuous learning, and building strong sales teams. She believes in the power of cold calling and has personally experienced its impact on her career. Leslie's philosophy centers around empowering sales professionals to achieve their full potential and helping businesses optimize their sales processes.