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Sales Transformation
December 21, 2023

Overcoming Call Reluctance and Building a Strong Sales Pipeline


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Wendy Wise is the founder of Salesology, a prospecting method that generates predictable sales results.
  • Wendy has helped 775+ businesses increase qualified appointments and sales faster.
  • Wendy's first career was as a ballerina, but she accidentally got into sales and found it transformational.
  • Wendy believes that everything she knows in life and business, she learned in ballet class.
  • The three steps of the salesology prospecting model are warm up, rehearse, and perform.
  • Call reluctance is similar to stage fright, but preparation and practice can help overcome it.
  • Having a clear target and script can enable sales professionals to be their best selves on calls.
  • Bad calls or rejections are just data that can be used to improve and make adjustments.
  • The phone is still one of the most powerful sales tools for building top-of-funnel leads.
  • The Salesology Vault offers free gifts and resources from sales leaders for listeners to access.

Episode Recap

Collin Mitchell interviews Wendy Weiss, the founder of Salesology. Wendy shares her unique background as a former ballerina turned sales trainer and how her experience in ballet class taught her valuable lessons that she applies to sales. She discusses the three steps of the Salesology prospecting model, emphasizing the importance of warming up, rehearsing, and then performing. Wendy also addresses call reluctance and the fear of rejection in cold calling, highlighting the need for preparation, clear targeting, and the use of scripts as guidelines. The key takeaway for listeners is that the phone is still a powerful sales tool, and by learning from bad calls and making adjustments, sales professionals can improve their prospecting results.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [02:14] Wendy explains what her company, Salesology, does.
  • [2:34] Collin discusses the challenges of top-of-funnel prospecting.
  • [03:48] Wendy explains how her ballet training relates to sales.
  • [5:50] Wendy discusses the importance of preparation and warm-up in sales.
  • [06:58] Collin and Wendy talk about call reluctance and its similarities to stage fright.
  • [08:28] Wendy emphasizes the importance of preparation and having a script in sales.
  • [10:56] Collin and Wendy discuss the fear of rejection in cold calling.
  • [12:21] Collin highlights the power of phone conversations in sales.

Guest Bio (Who is Wendy Weiss?)

Weny is the founder of Salesology and has a background as a former ballerina turned sales trainer. Wendy's achievements include developing a prospecting method for generating predictable sales results and sharing her insights on overcoming call reluctance. Her credentials include her experience in sales and her expertise in applying skills learned in ballet class to the sales process. Wendy emphasizes the importance of preparation, rehearsal, and performing in the sales process, drawing parallels between sales and ballet.

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