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Sales Transformation
May 3, 2022

The Essentials Of Building A Personal Brand In Sales


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Troy discusses his experience in sales, starting with selling beats online and realizing they were good at managing a funnel.
  • They emphasize the importance of properly vetting sales opportunities and not being swayed solely by the On-Target Earnings (OTE) offered.
  • The best salespeople not only excel in selling but also in finding the best opportunities.
  • Building a personal brand allows individuals to create something for themselves rather than for a company, providing greater opportunities and long-term benefits.
  • It's important to start creating content and not worry about it being perfect from the beginning.
  • Everyone has something to offer, and sharing experiences and learning along the way is valuable.
  • The disadvantages of being a transactional-based salesperson and the importance of proper training and skills in tech sales and service-based businesses.
  • Creating content that is relevant to the target audience in sales is crucial.
  • Troy's content is aimed at helping salespeople and serves as a digital resume.
  • The importance of prioritizing the development and support of team members before focusing on achieving sales targets.

Episode Recap

In this podcast episode, Collin Mitchell interviews Troy Barter, a sales professional with experience in the music industry and car sales. Troy shares his unconventional path into sales, starting with selling beats online and realizing his talent for managing a sales funnel. He then pursued a career in car sales and later joined a direct marketing company, where he excelled but struggled financially. The episode discusses the importance of vetting sales opportunities and not being swayed solely by On-Target Earnings (OTE). Troy emphasizes the need to properly assess the attainability of sales targets and find the best opportunities. The conversation also delves into the significance of building a personal brand for success, the value of content creation, and the challenges and rewards of sales leadership.

Key takeaways from this episode include the importance of properly vetting sales opportunities, not being starstruck by high OTEs, and considering the best fit for one's skills and goals. Listeners will also gain insights into the benefits of building a personal brand, the value of consistent content creation, and the significance of prioritizing team development and support in sales leadership.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:03] Sales experience in the music industry and car sales.
  • [00:07] Importance of vetting sales opportunities and not being starstruck by OTE.
  • [00:12] Building a personal brand for success.
  • [00:05] Sales and vetting opportunities.
  • [00:14] Advice for content creators and starting something new.

Guest Bio (Who is Troy?)

Troy Barter is a sales professional with 16 plus years of experience and 9 plus years of sales SaaS experience. He has built a following on TikTok and LinkedIn by posting videos on sales strategy and motivation. He started his career as a rapper and transitioned into sales, gaining experience in car sales and door-to-door sales. Troy emphasizes the importance of adapting to changing buying behavior, vetting opportunities, investing in personal branding, creating content, impacting people, investing in team happiness, and focusing on execution as a leader.

Find Troy at his Website or Connect with him on LinkedIn!