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Outbound Sales
December 5, 2023

The State of Outbound: Prospecting in a Crowded Market


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Outbound prospecting has become increasingly difficult due to the high volume of prospecting attempts.
  • The average person gets prospected 780 times a year.
  • Entry-level employees get prospected around three to four times a day.
  • The average person being prospected makes less than $80,000 a year and has over $90,000 in debt.
  • Sales engagement has made it harder to get a meeting, with an average reply rate on a cold email being 0.7%.
  • It takes an average of 220 activities to yield a meeting using sales engagement platforms.
  • The competition in email, phone, and LinkedIn channels has increased significantly.
  • The phone is currently the least competitive channel for outbound prospecting.
  • The barrier to entry for sales engagement platforms has decreased, leading to more competition and noise in prospecting.
  • Personalization and creativity in prospecting can yield better results than mass outreach.

Episode Recap

The episode focuses on the state of outbound prospecting and the challenges that sales professionals face in today's competitive landscape. Ryan shares some alarming statistics, such as the average person being prospected 780 times a year and the declining reply rates on cold emails. He emphasizes the need for sales reps to be creative and personalized in their outreach to stand out from the competition. Ryan also discusses the effectiveness of using the phone as an outbound channel and shares his own success with creating personalized videos on LinkedIn to secure meetings. The key takeaway from this episode is that while outbound prospecting has become more difficult, there are still opportunities for success by adopting innovative and personalized approaches.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:17] Ryan O'Hara introduces himself and shares his background in business development and marketing.
  • [01:02] Discussion on the current state of outbound prospecting and the challenges it presents.
  • [01:32] Stats on the number of times an average person gets prospected in a year.
  • [04:28] The decline in response rates for cold emails and the increased difficulty in getting meetings.
  • [05:34] The shift towards quality over quantity in outbound prospecting.
  • [06:11] The struggle of training prospects to ignore good outreach due to bad outreach experiences.
  • [07:08] The abundance of sales intelligence providers and the need for multiple data sources.
  • [07:36] The importance of personalization in prospecting and the need to stay in front of prospects.
  • [08:00] The use of creative tactics, such as personalized videos, to get meetings.
  • [08:30] The effectiveness of personalized videos compared to traditional cold emails and phone calls.

Guest Bio (Who is Ryan O'Hara?)

Ryan O'Hara is the CEO and founder of Pitchfire. He began his career as the first business development rep at a company called Dine in Manchester, New Hampshire. After that, he transitioned into a marketing role and became the VP of marketing at Lead IQ, where he worked for almost seven years. With his extensive experience in business development and marketing, Ryan has achieved great success in his career. He is known for his innovative strategies and his ability to drive growth and success for the companies he works with. As the CEO and founder of Pitchfire, Ryan continues to make a significant impact in the industry, helping businesses reach their full potential through effective marketing and business development strategies.