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Sales Teams
July 20, 2022

Train & Go, with TRAINYO!


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • The training program for sales development representatives (SDRs) covers topics such as cold calling, email writing, sales engagement platforms, personal branding, job hunting, interviewing, lead generation, tech tools, sales psychology, metrics, professionalism, and sales methodologies.
  • Resilience and grit are important characteristics for success in sales, as salespeople face constant pressure and rejection.
  • The training program aims to prepare participants for their roles as SDRs and help them succeed in the industry.
  • The program is particularly beneficial for overlooked and underserved individuals, such as teachers, military veterans, bartenders, servers, and recent college graduates, who may not be familiar with the tech sales industry.
  • The program is an eight-week course where participants are coached by industry leaders on various skills and get to experiment with the technology used by SDRs.
  • After completing the program, participants are connected with companies that have openings for SDR roles to help them land their first job.
  • A success story is shared about a program participant named Robert, who had no prior sales experience but secured a job within three days of graduating from the program.
  • The program for the Sales Development Representative (SDR) role includes sessions, homework, assignments, and jam sessions with industry leaders, covering topics such as cold calling, SAS methodologies, metrics, professionalism, networking, personal branding, and interview preparation.
  • A 45-second video can be significant in standing out and getting a shot at a job interview, showcasing confidence and creativity.
  • Many job seekers are unaware of the full potential of LinkedIn and lack knowledge on how to effectively present themselves to HR and recruiters, highlighting the need for guidance and support in breaking into desired fields.

Episode Recap

In this podcast episode hosted by Colin Mitchell, the guest Tom Slocum, VP of Sales at Trainyo, discusses a training program for aspiring Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in the tech sales industry. The program aims to help overlooked and underserved individuals break into the industry and provides coaching on various skills such as cold calling, email writing, and personal branding. It also covers topics like sales psychology, metrics, and professionalism. The program offers nightly classes, simulations, and interviews to prepare participants, and after completion, helps them land their first SDR role by connecting them with companies that have openings. The episode highlights the success stories of program participants and emphasizes the importance of resilience and grit in sales.

The episode also touches on the challenges faced by individuals trying to transition into tech sales from other industries and the need to look beyond traditional qualifications. It discusses the significance of a 45-second video in job applications and the value of being creative and utilizing tools like video to stand out. The conversation emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement, seeking feedback, and not giving up in the pursuit of success. Listeners are encouraged to fight for opportunities, keep moving forward, and take the feedback they receive.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:02:56] breaking into Tech Sales with Trainyo
  • [00:05:15] training program for aspiring SDRs
  • [00:07:36] overlooked job seekers in the LinkedIn community
  • [00:09:50] hidden gems in sales
  • [00:12:15] characteristics needed for success in sales
  • [00:14:45] overview of the SDR training program
  • [00:17:18] success of a training program for SDR role
  • [00:19:47] success story of a program participant
  • [00:21:48] importance of a video in job applications
  • [00:24:19] final thoughts and contact information

Guest Bio (Who is Tom?)

Tom Slocum is a 15-year sales veteran in the tech industry. He has worked in companies like DiscoverCard and Trainyo, where he currently holds the position of VP of sales. In addition to his successful career, Tom is also the founder of Community, a platform that connects sales professionals and fosters collaboration and growth. With his extensive experience and achievements in sales, Tom has established himself as a respected leader in the industry. He is known for his expertise in building and managing high-performing sales teams and his ability to drive revenue growth. Tom's ethos revolves around the importance of building strong relationships with customers and creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement within sales organizations. He believes in the power of collaboration and community to drive success in sales.

Find Tom at his Website or Connect with him on LinkedIn!