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Sales Leadership
September 5, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Sales Coaching


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Sales management is the X factor in the sales industry.
  • Sales leaders have a difficult job and their tenure is often short.
  • Salespeople are not receiving effective coaching.
  • Effective sales leaders need to manage, motivate, and coach their teams.
  • The best sales leaders are great coaches.
  • Coaching is often neglected due to the overwhelming responsibilities of sales leaders.
  • Sales leaders need to prioritize and schedule coaching sessions.
  • Coaching should involve observing, reviewing, and providing feedback on sales calls.
  • Sales leaders should focus on developing their team and influencing their future behavior.
  • Sales leaders should find joy in coaching and developing their people.

Episode Recap

Mark Cox discusses the importance of sales management as the X factor in driving sales success. Mark highlights the challenges faced by sales leaders today, including the short tenure of CROs and diminishing tenure of salespeople. He emphasizes the need for effective coaching and how it often falls off due to the overwhelming responsibilities of sales leaders. Mark encourages sales leaders to prioritize coaching by blocking dedicated time in their calendars for coaching sessions and creating intentional coaching moments with their team. The key takeaway is that coaching is essential for elevating the performance of the sales team and should be treated as a crucial aspect of a sales leader's role.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:28] Importance of sales management as the X factor.
  • [00:45] Challenges faced by sales leaders and decreasing tenure of salespeople.
  • [01:38] Coaching as the most important aspect of sales leadership.
  • [02:03] Need to block coaching time in the calendar.
  • [04:33] Setting up coaching situations and observing live calls.
  • [06:07] Intentional coaching events and capturing learning.
  • [08:09] Basic coaching principles and the impact of technology.
  • [09:58] Challenges for hybrid sales leaders and finding their role.
  • [12:57] Elevating the sales profession and focusing on team development.

Guest Bio (Who is Mark Cox?)

Mark Cox has sold, structured, and negotiated some of the largest single-sale transactions in North America, including a billion-dollar transaction with a top-10 U.S. bank.

Mark founded In The Funnel (ITF) Sales Coaching with the mission to dramatically improve the performance of business-to-business sales teams. With a focus on strategy, process, tools, and discipline, Mark has helped hundreds of companies achieve predictable, double-digit sales growth by implementing ITF’s proprietary Sales Playbook.

Find Mark at his Website or Connect with him on LinkedIn!