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Outbound Sales
August 1, 2023

Winning More Than Losing in Sales


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Low win rates have become acceptable in many sales teams, but this should not be the case.
  • Research shows that average win rates across industries are around 17%.
  • Top sellers have win rates as high as 75%.
  • The minimum standard for a seller should be to win more than they lose.
  • Sales leaders need to care about their team's win rates and address the problem.
  • Sales leaders should track win rates and analyze them to unlock hidden revenue opportunities.
  • The focus should be on improving win rates rather than just keeping the top of the funnel healthy.
  • Sellers need to provide accurate feedback on why they lost deals for effective win-loss analysis.
  • The buying experience should impact hiring and enablement of sellers.
  • Buyers can provide valuable insights on the qualifications and skills needed in sellers.

Episode Recap

In this episode Colin Mitchell is rejoined by Andy Paul to talk about the importance of win rates in sales and how to improve them. Andy discusses the problem of low win rates in sales teams and how it has become somewhat acceptable in the industry. The conversation highlights the research that shows average win rates across industries are only around 17%, with some companies in the low 30s. Andy emphasizes the need for salespeople to aim for a win rate higher than their loss rate and shares insights on how top sellers achieve high win rates through effective discovery, qualification, and value delivery. The episode also touches on the role of sales leaders in addressing low win rates and the importance of tracking win rates as a key metric for individual contributors. The key takeaway is the need to prioritize win rates and focus on developing the skills and strategies to win more often than they lose.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:28] Discussion on the problem of low win rates in sales teams.
  • [01:43] Importance of having a high win rate and the impact on a salesperson's career.
  • [03:22] The low bar set by sales organizations for win rates.
  • [05:29] The relationship between win rates and pipeline coverage ratio.
  • [06:59] How sales leaders can address the problem of low win rates.
  • [10:06] The need for sales leaders to care about their team's win rates.
  • [12:11] The importance of tracking win rates and analyzing different win rates for different deal sizes and segments.
  • [14:48] The impact of low win rates on marketing feedback and product-market fit.
  • [16:05] The lack of understanding among sellers about why they lost deals.
  • [17:45] The importance of hiring sellers based on buyer needs and shaping enablement and training programs accordingly.

Guest Bio (Who is Andy?)

Andy Paul is a renowned sales coach, author, and mentor in the sales world. He is a prolific podcaster, known for his insights and expertise in the field of sales. Andy has written several books on sales strategies and techniques, providing valuable guidance to sales teams and professionals. He is highly regarded for his philosophy on disciplined qualification and the importance of the buying experience in sales. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Andy Paul has established himself as a trusted authority in the sales industry, helping sales teams achieve quota attainment and improve win rates.

Find Andy at his Website or Connect with him on LinkedIn!