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Founder Led Sales
June 13, 2022

Learn How To Sell From The Heart


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10 Episode Takeaways

  • Seeking feedback from customers is crucial for improving presentation skills in sales.
  • Personal branding and authenticity are important in sales, and trying to emulate others is not recommended.
  • Authenticity and keeping one's word are key to success in sales.
  • Authenticity is important in selling, and trust and credibility need to be brought back to the sales industry.
  • Everyone is constantly selling or being sold to in various aspects of life, and trust and authenticity are crucial in sales.
  • Salespeople should be allowed to be themselves rather than following rigid scripts.
  • The book "Selling from the Heart" is recommended for self-reflection and improvement in sales.
  • Being honest and transparent is always the best policy in sales, even if it means delivering unwanted news.
  • Valuing relationships over commission checks or quotas is essential in sales.

Episode Recap

In this episode, Colin speaks with Jackie Joy and discusses the importance of authenticity and personal branding in sales. They share their own experience in a new industry and the lack of support they received, emphasizing the significance of seeking feedback from customers to improve presentation skills. Jackie highlights the negative perception of sales and the need to change that perception by being true to oneself and keeping one's word. The key takeaway for listeners is that being authentic and genuine in sales leads to better performance and trust with clients.

Another topic discussed in the episode is the impact of the book "Selling from the Heart" and its accompanying masterclass. Jackie highly recommends the book as a tool for self-reflection and improvement in sales. They share their personal journey of transitioning careers to make an impact and raise the level of trust in sales. The key takeaway for listeners is the importance of questioning one's motivations and continuously improving, even for those who are already doing well in sales. The book and masterclass are seen as resources that ignite passion, understanding the purpose of being in sales, and building a community and movement.

Jump to Talking Points

  • [00:03:15] Sales Training and Authenticity in Selling
  • [00:06:07] Importance of Selling and Being Authentic
  • [00:09:08] Authenticity and Personal Branding in Sales
  • [00:11:55] Importance of Authenticity and Honesty in Sales
  • [00:14:42] Valuing the Relationship Over Commission
  • [00:17:34] Valuing Reputation and Selling from the Heart

Guest Bio (Who is Jackie?)

Jackie Joy is a sales trainer and executive coach for Selling From the Heart. She helps sales leaders and sales professionals change their culture to one of trust, authenticity, and credibility.

Find Jackie at her Website or Connect with her on LinkedIn!